Cowboys Star Roy Williams: Shoulder Injury Suffered During Practice

August 29, 2009

News arrives of the Cowboys star Roy Williams’ shoulder injury suffered during practice. See photos, video and find out more the NFL Wide receiver and the circumstances of the unfortunate accident and his prospects for returning to play during the forthcoming season.

Roy Williams

According to the Star-Telegram, the 27-year-old Roy Williams suffered the injury in the aftermath of a hard collision with cornerback Orlando Scandrick at the goal line on Thursday, August 27, during open practice at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas which was attended by an audience of 26,460.

The newspaper further reports that right after he was injured, he was looked over by the team’s trainer Jim Maurer, and Roy Williams reportedly was seen wincing in pain as the shoulder was touched and seen throwing his helmet down and that he “walked angrily toward the locker room” and stopped to have words with cornerback Orlando Scandrick prior to the field.

“I tried not to hit you,” Scandrick said.

It is also reports that X-rays showed no fracture. Presently, it is uncertain if the wide receiver will be able to play during the Saturday August 30 preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers or any other preseason games.

As the Dallas News reports regarding the Cowboys Star Roy Williams’ shoulder injury, the team’s owner and general manager, Jerry Jones, in an interview on radio station KRLD-FM 105.3. said:

“I’m not implying that we have a long-winded thing here…Based on our review here, we’re talking about a very short time span. I don’t know that he’ll go Saturday … but he’ll be out there real quick.

“We had quite a concern there after practice. Right now, it is just a bruise, and we’ll kind of see how that restricts him as far as the next few days, this weekend and into next week.”

That is the latest news on the Cowboys Star Roy Williams’ shoulder injury which occurred during practice. See photos and video below.

Roy Williams

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3 Responses to “Cowboys Star Roy Williams: Shoulder Injury Suffered During Practice”

  1. 1
    rm Says:

    why is there a picture of the wrong roy williams.. the roy williams from the dallas went to the University of Texas you have apicture of the Roy williams which is now with the bengals..

  2. 2
    Patricia Says:

    Thank you. The correction has been made.

  3. 3
    Justin Says:

    The video you have is of Roy Williams the safety, not the wide receiver the article discusses.