Irina Voronina is an Entourage Playmate

August 28, 2009

Playmate Irina Voronina is a Russian model who says she was treated like a “piece of meat” on the set of HBO’s Entourage! Find out more about the Entourage Playmate’s horrible experience below. See photos and video of Irina Voronina after the jump.

Irina  Voronina 1
Irina Voronina

Playmate Irina Voronina told Fox News that she was fired after turning down sexual advances from the boys of HBO’s Entourage.

The actors of Entourage reportedly became grabby and rude with the Playmate and another model where on set as guest stars. Voronina stated that:

“Every conversation would start and end with, ‘What are you doing later?’” “We did not express that we were remotely interested in hanging out with them at any point, so I guess that made them upset and bitter.” Irina and the other guest star model “were told there wasn’t space for us to be in the shot anymore, but we knew we were fired because we weren’t nice to the actors.”

The incident took place earlier this year and was not the first time Voronina visited the set as a guest. The last visit however was said to be the worst when the Entourage actors reportedly became grabby!

“If there is a shot where we’re all in the limo and the camera is rolling, it’s us all having fun, they have their hands all over us and then when the cameras stop I expect them to reel back to being normal, but they continued the partying off camera and we made that clear.”

The HBO network stated that Irina Voronina allegations are “unfounded and unsubstantiated.” What do you think? Did the boys of Entourage get out of control?

More photos and a video of Irina Voronina are below.

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Irina Voronina Photos

Irina Voronina Video


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One Response to “Irina Voronina is an Entourage Playmate”

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    Sophie Says:

    For someone who makes a living showing their “stuff” and flaunting it around to men, it is a bit surprising that she (and her friend) want to be taken seriously. What is so serious about her job? Does she want to talk about the latest computer software available on the market? Or, perhaps the latest edition of The Economist? What happens is the playboy girls reach 30 and are in a tizzy as they are unsure of how to establish a career and meet men. The “Detroit or Dallas” men fall for the plastic and barbie look because these girls are novelty to them (there aren’t that many barbies in Detroit for instance). In other words, the Hollywood guys have been there, done that with these phoney-balonies :-)