Kyla Ebbert Does Playboy (Photos and Video)

November 16, 2007

Southwest Airlines provocative passenger Kyla Ebbert has posed for Playboy. See photos and video below.

Kyla Ebbert, the Southwest Airlines passenger who was told she was dressed too provocatively and almost kicked off her flight, has taken it all off for Playboy. See some of the pictures here and of course more on

It all started during Labor Day weekend, when Kyla boarded a Southwest Airlines flight to Tucson, Arizona. She was en route for a post-op visit to her surgeon after having had a recent boob job. (No plastic surgeons in California? heh heh) A flight attendant only known as “Keith” took Kyla to the front of the plane and told her that she was dressed “too provocatively”. She was told she would have to leave the flight, but instead she covered up with a blanket. See the picture below of her “provocative outfit”.

Kyla Ebbert2

Hello!? That’s pretty decent if you ask me. I’ve definitely seen worse.

The former Hooters waitress attends San Diego State University and has plans of becoming a lawyer.

See more photos and video of Kyla Ebbert below.

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One Response to “Kyla Ebbert Does Playboy (Photos and Video)”

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    Cameron Says:

    So Kyla wants to go to law school. Well she’s on the right track…first stop Playboy…next stop stripper weekends in Las Vegas (courtsey of Southwest Airlines of course)…then it’s off to Chatsworth for a few porn cameos…then off to law school. Mom must be so proud.