Mike Perham is Youngest Person To Sail The World

August 28, 2009

Meet Mike Perham, who on Thursday became the youngest person to sail around the world. Read more about the story, plus browse pictures and video here.


17-year-old Briton Mike Perham is officially the youngest person to sail around the world single-handed after his nine-month voyage came to an end on Thursday. Over the course of the 24,000-mile trip the teen from Hertfordshire, England, endured knockdowns and damage to his vessel. Now he says that he is ready for a “good meal and a very good night’s sleep.”

Despite the fact that only 250 people have sailed around the globe unaccompanied, Perham’s record is already in danger if a court allows a 13-year-old Dutch girl take a shot at it. Formerly the youngest person to finish a comparable voyage was American Zac Sunderland, although Guinness World Records did not acknowledge his achievement.

Mike Perham Biography

He was born on March 16, 1992, in Hertfordshire, England. At the age of 17 he earned the title of youngest person to ever sail around the world solo, accomplishing this incredible feat in a 50ft racing yacht sponsored by totallymoney.com.

Before that he had crossed the Atlantic Ocean solo, taking the record from Seb Clover who was 15 when he did it in 2003. Perham shared this remarkable experience with his father who crossed the Atlantic at the same time but in a different boat.

His future plans include having a book published of his experiences while he was crossing the Atlantic. He also intends to form the Sail Mike Foundation, which will encourage youth to take up sailing. Mike Perham is a name that you should plan on hearing during the 2012 Olympics.


Mike Perham Video
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