Brandon Marshall’s Bronco’s Practice (Video)

August 28, 2009

NFL player Brandon Marshall will not suit up again until Sept. 5. His suspension comes after inappropriate actions while at a team practice. Read more about the story, plus find pictures and the Brandon Marshall practice video here.

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall

The Denver Broncos announced today that Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall is suspended until Sept. 5 because of “detrimental” conduct. Marshall has openly expressed his discontent with the team ever since he demanded a trade and asked for a new contract, but was declined for both.

According to coach Josh McDaniels it wasn’t one specific incident that landed Marshall here, but rather a series of events. He also said that:

“He was given a warning Wednesday about his conduct being detrimental to the club and his actions didn’t really change after that warning.”

Marshall was initially warned about his behavior prior to practice on Wednesday. He then proceeded to walk through pre-practice warm ups while the rest of the team ran, kicked the ball away rather than just giving it to the ball boy, and swatted down a ball that was thrown to him. His misconduct was caught on camera and later broadcast on KMGH-TV.

The hotheaded receiver admits that some of his actions were inappropriate, such as punting the ball, but he also claims that some of the things caught on video were taken out of context.

You be the judge. Watch the Brandon Marshall practice video below, and then let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Brandon MarshallBrandon Marshall
Brandon Marshall Photos

Brandon Marshall Practice Video


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One Response to “Brandon Marshall’s Bronco’s Practice (Video)”

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    A Gray Says:

    I think he was calling out McD. That’s not going to go over with a fellow from the Parcells tree. He’ll be traded before the season starts