Meg Ryan and Graham King Dating?

August 28, 2009

The Meg Ryan and Graham King dating rumors that have surfaced are denied by King’s wife. See photos, video and find out more here about the ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ actress and the Oscar winning movie producer who are subject of rumor and speculation about their relationship.

Meg Ryan Graham King

The dating rumors are not new and have been reported, though not confirmed, since earlier in the summer of 2009. Reportedly the two have long been friends, and various unconfirmed reports from unnamed sources surfaced during the past couple of months.

Graham King is 47 years old and is an Academy Award winning producer and known for producing for the Departed (for which he won the Oscar in 2007) as well as The Aviator and Blood Diamond. Additionally, he co-produced Gangs of New York. Meg Ryan, also 47 years old, is known for her signature roles in the 1990s romantic comedies Sleepless in Seattle (with costar Tom Hanks) and When Harry Met Sally… (with Billy Crystal). She was previously married to actor Dennis Quaid; the couple has now divorced.

However now, regarding the Meg Ryan, Graham King rumors, King’s wife for the past 25 years, Valerie King, and mother of the couple’s two daughters, has spoken out. She denies that the rumors are true and and tells the National Enquirer squarely:

“Graham’s not dating Meg Ryan. He’s with me.”

Valerie King, Graham King’s wife, goes on to say:

“He lives at our house. We’re together. We’re a happy family. We’re not getting a divorce.”

That is the latest news on the matter which became a rumor, as mentioned, earlier this summer.

More Meg Ryan, Graham King photos and a video are below.

Meg Ryan Meg RyanMeg RyanMeg Ryan

Graham King Graham King Graham King Graham King

(Click on each of the pictures to enlarge)

Photos: Dan Jackman/WENN, Pop/, PNP/, Dimitri Halkidis /WENN, Daniel Deme/WENN,

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