Daisy Ocasio Is a Former Professional Boxer

August 26, 2009

Check out Daisy Ocasio. She is a Former Professional Boxer from Puerto Rico. Read Daisy Ocasio’s biography and watch video after the jump.

Daisy Ocasio is not only a former professional Boxer she was also a Track and Field athlete previous to her debut in the ring. Learn more about Daisy Ocasio after the jump.

Daisy Ocasio Biography

As a biography Daisy Ocasio is a Former Professional Boxer who was born on November 3, 1964 in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. Ocasio is also a former Track and Field athlete. In 1991 she attended both the Pan American Games as well as the Olympics in later years.

In 1998 she decided to turn professional in the field of boxing. Ocasio’s first fight was in July of that year. She competed against boxer Andrea Figueroa winning by way of knock-out. Her second match was also won by way of knock out against Lizette Pizarro.

Since her debut as a professional Boxer Dasiy Ocasio has defeated Marischa Sjau, Pamela Clark and Patricia Demick. In 2004 she lost her first fight against Britt Van Buskirk.

Daisy Ocasio currently lives in Puerto Rico since retiring from boxing. Her record is five wins with one loss.

Daisy Ocasio Video
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