Sunda Croonquist is Comedian Sued Over Mother In Law Humor

August 25, 2009

Meet Sunda Croonquist, a comedian who is being sued by her mother in law for defamation of character. Read more about the story, plus browse pictures, video and a Sunda Croonquist biography here.

Sunda Croonquist

Sunda Croonquist

The mother-in-law of stand-up comic, Sunda Croonquist is suing her daughter-in-law, claiming that she defamed her with racist lies on tv and on stage. The veteran comic’s routines are usually based on the mockery of her family and different cultures, but the aspect that landed her in hot water was using her Jewish in-laws as fodder in her stand-up routines. Her family is asking that Croonquist eradicate any of the offensive material from her website and act.

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Sunda Croonquist Biography

Sunda Croonquist is a Paterson, New Jersey native. She realized that she wanted to be an entertainer at a very young age, which was brought on by having a father that was a musician and a mother that was stage/pageant mom.

She has a BA in Criminal Justice, and at one point

She was previously employed as a parole and probation officer in New Jersey, putting her degree in Criminal Justice to work. She then received an offer from Detective Vincent Parco to do covert surveillance work, which allowed her the time to pursue her dream to perform.

She began her comedy career after meeting Jackie Mason, the person who inspired her to do stand-up, at a party in NYC. One week after the chance encounter Sunda Croonquist booked her first paying gig.

Sunda CroonquistSunda Croonquist
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