Dallas Cowboys Scoreboard Is Too Low?

August 25, 2009

Is the Dallas Cowboys scoreboard too low? Find out for yourself just what the owner of the Dallas Cowboys had to say as well as the league’s VP of football operations after the jump with video!

Instead of enjoying their brand new stadium the boys of the Dallas Cowboys and their owner and general manager, Jerry Jones, are dealing with a whole new set of problems. Apparently the Dallas Cowboys scoreboard is too low!

The big scoreboard dilemma was discovered after last Friday’s first season game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Titans when Titan’s punter, A.J. Trapasso, hit the board with a punt! Now the league’s executive vice president for football operations, Ray Anderson, Dallas owner Jerry Jones and pro footballers are all chiming in their opinions about the scoreboard fiasco!

Ray Anderson, the league’s executive vice president for football operations, stated that the “Competitive issues and integrity of the game is the primary focus. If there is interference with a key play of a game, we have to have a response to how we deal with it.”

After spending $1.2 billion on the new stadium Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones disagrees saying “You don’t need to [move it]. I mean this very much because most of your punts go to the sidelines, and you’ve got to be trying to hit it to bump it. You really do.”

The scoreboard does reportedly follow the league’s rules of 85ft and was installed 90ft in the air. So what do you think? Is the scoreboard too low?

Dallas Cowboys Video

Dallas Cowboys Video

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One Response to “Dallas Cowboys Scoreboard Is Too Low?”

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    dallas fan in dc Says:

    it’s obviously not too low, since it falls under the nfl’s height guidelines–however, if j.jones was smart, he’d go ahead and raise it – so it can never be an issue. from what i understand, it’s not that big a deal to raise it- since it’s hanging.

    ON THE OTHER HAND…..i guess if i weren’t confident in my offense- ie..teams that are already criticizing it who haven’t even seen it yet….and fear that i’d be punting alot……i guess, then, yes…it’s too low.