Debi Purcell Is an American Mixed Martial Artist

August 24, 2009

Check out Debi Purcell. She is a Mixed Martial Artist athlete who has been working in the business more than twenty years. Read Debi Purcell’s biography after the jump with video included.

She is the former assistant to the Southern California Condors of the International Fight League and a mixed martial artist. Check out Debi Purcell’s career highlights after the jump.

Debi Purcell Biography

As a biography Debi Purcell is an American Mixed Martial Artist who
has been nicknamed Whiplash. Purcell, a resident of Huntington Beach, California, stands at 5’7” and weighs 135 Lbs. She specializes in mainly Vale Tudoo.

Currently coached by Marco Ruas, Purcell first appeared in 1993 and has been strongly involved with the MMA and Fighter Girls ever since. To date she has a record of four wins with two losses. Purcell’s career accomplishments include the 1st women to compete in the King of Cage match, a UWM Belt holder, the only female to coach in the IFl and female to have a black belt in Ruas Vale Tudo.

In 2008 Debi Purcell signed a three fight contract with Elite XC. She is currently married to Ronald Assumcao.

More photos and a video of Debi Purcell are below.

Debi Purcell Video
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