Dennis Rodman plans to be a WNBA coach

November 15, 2007

Dennis Rodman, who dressed as a drag queen before, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he considers to be a coach for the WNBA. He stated:

“I love the city of Atlanta, Atlanta would be the ideal situation, starting from scratch.”

Terwilliger said hiring Rodman would stir up more interest in his team, but he doesn’t believe Rodman would be the right choice.

“My own view is that I don’t think he’s currently qualified to be a head coach,” Terwilliger said. “We need someone who knows the league, knows how it works, knows the players and knows the college talent coming up. And we’d prefer to have a women’s coach since it’s a women’s league.”

Just imagine Rodman as a Drag Queen on the sidelines, I think they should give him a shot

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