Ochocinco’s Extra Point (Video)

August 21, 2009

Here is the Ochocinco extra point video. See photos and watch as Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco performs an amazing play against the New England Patriots in the Thursday August 20, 2009, preseason game which resulted in a 7-6 victory for his team over the Patriots.

Chad Ochocinco

The Cincinnati Bengals were a visiting team no less that night, as the wide receiver delivered a play being widely discussed as well as seen in the video which has gone viral. With the kicker Shayne Graham sidelined that night due to injury, it was left to Ochocinco in taking over the placekicking duties to deliver a remarkable play, no less notable for being unexpected, as he is career leader of the Bengals in catches and yards receiving. Regarding the play he told the media:

“Everyone has to remember, I’ve always said that soccer is my No. 1 sport…“I think Ronaldinho would be proud of me right now.”

As USA Today reports, the 31-year-old Ochocinco (a.k.a. Ocho Cinco, and originally known as Chad Johnson) elaborates on his recollection of the play:

“I’ve been kicking since high school,” Ochocinco said, via PFT. “It was easy, just like riding a bike. You haven’t done it in a while but it’s still the same thing. I don’t think they need to bring anybody in. I can do the kicking for the preseason.”

Watch video of Ochocinco’s Extra Point below and you will quickly see what the excitement is all about, as it came late in the first half of the game. Following a hold by punter Kevin Huber, the wide receiver is then seen kicking the ball in a soccer form, with high follow-through and the ball travelling straight down the middle.

The final score that night: Cincinnati Bengals 7 and New England Patriots 6, thanks to the remarkable play.

More photos and the Ochocinco Extra Point video below.

Chad Ochocinco

(Click on the Ochocinco pictures to enlarge)

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    Carole Ford Says:

    Talented player – great kick!