Jocelyn Saldana: Zach Hyman Photos Exhibition

August 20, 2009

Meet Zach Hyman, the artist behind the photo exhibition “Zach’s Chair and Maiden Gallery” that opens tonight in NY; featuring Model Jocelyn Saldana. Read more about the story, plus browse pictures and video here.


22-year-old, Photographer Zack Hyman has taken adult photos of his models in places such as Time Square and Chinatown. Now, The Huffington Post reports that he has taken his art to the subway. His latest model, Jocelyn Saldana will be featured amongst 13 others at his photography expedition that opens tonight in New York.

Concerned about arrest, an average shoot lasts approx. 30 seconds with a total of 10 pictures taken. The young photographer stands firm that his photos are not pornography. However, he still never forgets to bring bail money to a shoot, keeps a look out for the police and has his lawyer on speed-dial in case the authorities apprehend him.

Every subway rider reacts differently to his work; while in the midst of a recent shoot, one woman screeched and an elderly man began to shake – but most remained indifferent. Just another Looney riding the subway…

The New York Post reports that Alex Reisner, 20, is one of the models who bared it all for Hyman in Chinatown. As she leaped into the air the picture was captured, and then the crowd began to applaud. After the shoot Reisner exclaimed:

”There was so much adrenaline! I was bouncing around for the rest of the day. I told him I want to pose nude every weekend.”

What are your thoughts on Zack Hyman and his lovely models Jocelyn Saldana and Alex Reisner? Also, click here to see pictures, or watch a video below.


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