Kina Malpartida Dyson Is a Professional Female Boxer HOT!

August 20, 2009

Check out Kina Malpartida Dyson! She is a HOT Professional Super feather female Boxer from Peru. Read Kina Malpartida Dyson’s biography below with video to follow.

Kina Malpartida Dyson
Kina Malpartida Dyson

Kina Malpartida Dyson is a Professional Female Boxer from Peru has defeated boxers like Maureen Shea and Halana Dos Santos. Dyson stands at 5’8″ and is twenty-nine years old. Her current record is 13 total fights, 10 wins, with 3 by way of knock out and 3 losses. For more on Kina Malpartida Dyson check out her career highlights after the jump.

Kina Malpartida Dyson Biography

As a biography Kina Malpartida Dyson, nicknamed “Dynamite”, is a Professional Female Boxer who was born on March 25, 1980in Lima, Peru. Dyson currently fights in the Super feather weight class. She is the 2009 World Boxing Association Champion.

As early as six years old Dyson began taking an interest in Karate as well as soccer, basketball, surfing and tennis. Before taking up boxing Dyson spent most of her time competing in surfing competitions.

After graduating from Griffith University, Kina Dyson turned pro with the help of her coach Tony Simms. In the beginning of her career she managed to win several bouts in Australia. She later moved to LA to find new competition in the ring.

In 2009 Kina fought Maureen Shea in which she won the Super feather weight title. This past June she defeated Halana Dos Santos, securing her title.

Currently Kina Malpartida is trained by Victor Huerta at the Maywood Boxing Gym in Maywood, California.

More photos and a video of Kina Malpartida Dyson are below.

Kina Malpartida Dyson Video
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