Alison Sydor Is a Professional Cross Country Mountain Cyclist

August 18, 2009

Check out Alison Sydor. She is a Professional Cross Country Mountain Cyclist. Read Alison Sydor’s biography and see video after the jump.

Professional Cross Country Mountain Cyclist Alison Sydor will be competing in the CrossVegas in Las Vegas next month. CrossVegas is scheduled to take place this September.

Alison Sydor Biography

As a biography Alison Sydor is a professional cross country mountain biker who was born on September 9, 1966 in Alberta, Canada. Sydor graduated from the University of Victoria and is a Mountain Bike Hall of Famer.

Alison began as a cyclist back in her early twenties. She has competed in the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships in 1994 for three consecutive years as well as 2002. Sydor earned a silver, gold and bronze medal.

Sydor’s other career accomplishments include attending the Summer Olympics three times, competing in the Commonwealth Games twice and the Pan American Games. She has also been awarded the Velma Springstead Trophy and was just recently inducted into the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame in 2008.

Alison Sydor Video
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