Jiri Tlusty Hockey Scandal

November 14, 2007

Meet Jiri Tlusty and the photos that made him famous. He is an NHL hockey player whose self-made picture is spreading all over the internet like a slap shot.

Now that is a double major, game misconduct penalty in the macho world of professional hockey, but that is not any reason to call Jiri Tlusty gay. He might be gay, but who really knows if those tongues consummated their relationship.

But that picture is not the worst of it. Pictures of our hockey stud were placed on the internet too. You can see the uncensored celebrity here, there, and everywhere.

His size seem appropriate for a man, so perhaps that is why he did not cover his instrument of love with a Toronto Maple Leaf. But I was a virgin when marrying my capable honey so what would an innocent girl know.

Said Tlusty, “I used poor judgment in this instance last season and I have learned a valuable lesson. It will not happen again and I have no further comment.”

He will let his photo do the talking for him, but does anyone else think that his name is stiff to pronounce? I do believe that Tlusty rhymes with lusty if you catch my drift.

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