Ye Yang: Golfer Beats Tiger Woods, PGA Video

August 17, 2009

Golfer Ye Yang beat out Tiger Woods in the PGA Championship on Sunday in the underdog story of the year. Read more about the story, plus browse pictures and video here.


This is a story for anyone who is always rooting for the underdog.

Ye Yang, a virtual unknown in the world of golf took down living legend Tiger Woods in the final round of a major championship. Woods went into the round flaunting a two-shot lead, but Yang pulled out all the stops hitting two remarkable shots on the 14th and the 18th hole – to win his first major championship.

On the 14th hole he hit a chip-in eagle followed by a Tiger-esque fist-pump to seal the deal. Then on the 18th, needing a par for victory, Yang hit a soaring shot beautifully positioning the ball 2-feet from the pin, which led to his second birdie of the day.

Ye, who was in PGA qualifying school just nine months ago will go down in history as the first Asian-born player to ever win a major. His electrifying performance on Sunday also earned him recognition from many golf fans that had never heard of him before. The question is now, how did he do it and can he do it again?

Let us know your thoughts about Y.E. Yang beating out Tiger Woods in the comment section. Also, you will find pictures and video below.


Ye Yang Video
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