Nuns Chase Robber on Foot (Video, Photos)

August 16, 2009

Two nuns chase robber on foot in Independence, Missouri. True story. See photos, video and find out more about the two nuns, Sister Connie Boulch and Sister Catarina da Silva of the Saint Francis of Holy Eucharist Convent and their pursuit of an armed robbery suspect.

cory anderson

The two nuns helped the police capture and handcuff the 17-year-old suspect, Cory D. Anderson (picture above) who was believed to have been burglarizing homes in north Independence area on Thursday August 13, and who was charged the next day with first degree burglary and a felony charge of stealing a firearm (along with an accomplice, William T. Duley Jr.)

The two nuns, Sister Connie, 59, and Sister Corine, 49, saw the suspect out the window; he was in the convent’s soybean field. Initially they believed he was a hunter until they saw that he had a rifle, a handsaw and a pair of boxing gloves.

Both nuns are interviewed in the local KMBC news report video which can be seen here. (Another video is embedded below.)

Here is a photo of the two nuns, published in the Kansas City Star.

In an interview with the Star they state that, they first pursued him in the convent’s white Honda Civic and confronted him in the field, with Sister Connie asking him why he was there, and he told them he had cut through through the field from a friend’s house. However, when asked, he could not name the friend.

Sister Catarina dressed in her brown, ankle-length habit and sandals — plastic flip-flops — ran after him for approximately a quarter of a mile through the soybean field. At that point, Sister Connie called 911 on her cell phone.

“For whatever reason, we were not afraid of him,” Sister Connie said…. “I thought she might catch him because she is a good runner and he was already tired.”

The police then arrived and arrested the suspect, Cory Anderson. Officer Tom Gentry, a spokesman for the Independence police told the Kansas City Star.

“It was a great effort on everyone’s part, the community coming together, “They did what they felt was a positive thing, but we certainly don’t want folks to confront criminals.”

The normal routine of the convent has been disrupted with the sudden national attention.

In fact, there is even a sports angle in this nuns chase robber on foot story. Sister Connie revealed that with the usual influx of news reporters and news crews came a a radio station team with an unexpected request:

“They walked into our home, and they were looking for Sister Catarina. And they said they had a guy who wanted to race her, and they’d pay her $500 for that.”

She went on to say a national network wants to set up a meeting between Anderson and the nuns, but that she prefers to speak with him off camera. She went on to say that she and the others sisters in the convent are praying for him to turn his life around.

More photos and the nuns chase robber on foot video are below.

cory anderson

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