Cristina Mallon is Cheerleader Teacher

November 14, 2007

Meet Cristina Mallon, the cheerleader teacher whose YouTube video created an internet sensation. See her famous videos and photos here.

She resigned from her job as English teacher in Gilbert Arizona after a string of unfair criticisms leveled against her. Now the school board will have to decide whether or not to accept the resignation. Why the fuss? This situation is ridiculous.

Cristina Mallon Cheerleader Scandal

As a biography, she is an English teacher at Williams Field High School, which in the Higley Unified School District in Gilbert Arizona. She is also the cheerleader teacher which is what got her into trouble in the first place.

Her students asked her to demonstrate the new cheer routine during English period, and she reluctantly obliged. One of the naughty boys made a film on his cell phone, and then posted the video on YouTube. That is when all heck broke loose.

Miss Mallon was placed on administrative leave from the school. She returned from the leave only to find she was in hot water again. This time one of the fathers complained about a book she assigned to her class called “Jake Reinvented.” When it rains, it pours.

“Jake Reinvented” is a is a book for teenagers written in the style of the Great Gatsby. It includes some scenes of underage drinking and references to (now get this) sex. Ooh. The book was optional reading. She even sent a note home asking if any parents wanted to opt out.

All of this is so unfair. She is the cheerleader coach at the school. Her students asked her to do a cheer and she did it for them. So what? That brat who recorded it and posted it should be suspended.

And the father who thinks books damage the minds of 14-year old students should be sent to Guantanamo where he can learn about people who practice militancy. There are better places for thought control than a school in the heart of western America.

It turns out that dad could have used some of Cristina Mallon’s English lessons. Get this quote: ““According to my daughter, why should she listen to someone with no morals.�?

Ken Bryden has appropriately been named the twit of the week for marching down to the school board meeting with pitifully poor English rather than simply choosing a different book.

See pictures and video.

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