Jodi Ann Paterson is Michael Andretti’s Wife

November 15, 2007

Meet Jodi Ann Paterson, former Playmate of The Year and wife of retired Cart and Formula One driver Michael Andretti. You can see her pictures and biography below.

You can read more about Jodi Paterson’s movie appearances, see more photos and Playboy Magazine Appearances here.

Jodi Ann Paterson was born July, 1975 in Indonesia and grew up in Oregon, United States.
In 1994 she won the Miss Oregon Teen USA title and also competed in the Miss Teen USA pageant, but did not win the title. She attended Oregon State University and appeared in the October Playboy 1999 issue and Playmate of the Year Video Edition.

The title Playmate of The Year paid off pretty well for her, she received $100,000 and a red Chevrolet Corvette. The Corvette was also featured in her Playmate of the Year Video.
Besides the fact that she is the first Playmate Of the Year to hold a college degree, her greatest non-Playboy related fame came from her role in the film “Dude, Where’s My Car?” were she played a Super Hot Alien Lady.. Jodi Ann Paterson also has a chili pepper tattoo on her buttock.

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