Karen Sypher is Rick Pitino’s Girlfriend?

August 12, 2009

Meet Karen Sypher, Rick Pitino’s alleged girlfriend, lover and extortionist. New information has come to light regarding Karen, also known as Karen Cunagin Sypher and Rick Pitino. Read the rest of the story plus photos, video and a biography of Karen Sypher here.

Karen Cunagin Sypher

Karen Sypher (Karen Cunagin Sypher)

Karen Sypher (Karen Cunagin Sypher) is in the news today as more details of what went on between Sypher and University of Louisville men’s basketball coach, Rick Pitino, have surfaced.

Pitino told police that he had consensual sex with Cunagin Sypher at Porcini Restaurant the night of August 1, 2003 (before she had even met Tim Sypher, whom she would eventually marry six months later). Pitino also informed police that he gave Cunagin Sypher $3,000 to have an abortion, this according to reports by The Courier-Journal, who obtained Louisville Metro Police reports.

Pitino denies the allegations that he raped Cunagin Sypher at Porcini restaurant after it had closed and, according to police records, denies a second allegation of rape a couple weeks later at another location.

On July 9th, Cunagin Sypher reported the alleged rapes to Metro Police, after having been indicted on extortion charges and lying to the FBI in May. Cunagin Sypher tried to extort upwards of $10 million from Pitino. She has pleaded not guilty on both charges.

Karen Cunagin Sypher Biography

As a biography, we do know that Karen Cunagin Sypher is 49 years old. She married Tim Sypher in 2004, and are currently in the midst of a divorce. Tim Sypher is the equipment manager at Louisville. Karen Cunagin Sypher, who is a former model and auto glass saleswoman, has a 4-year-old daughter with Tim. She also has four sons from a previous marriage, the two older boys attend the University of Louisville.

Karen Cunagin Sypher
Karen Cunagin Sypher Photo

Karen Cunagin Sypher Video
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3 Responses to “Karen Sypher is Rick Pitino’s Girlfriend?”

  1. 1
    cory Says:

    rick is the man

  2. 2
    Cardinal Fan Says:

    The whole thing stinks! In my opinion a woman was taken advantage of by a person of power. Karen had just went through a divorce. Was at a very low point in her life. Was at the resturant and some how her and Pitino ended up there alone and had intercourse. Then a couple weeks later she finds out she is pregnant, notifies Pitino and the result was Tim Syphert, who works for Pitino and did in Boston, ends up taking Karen to Cincinatti and she gets an abortion. Within months Karen and Tim, who was like 42 at the time and never married or had children, marries Karen, a mother of four grown boys. I mean come on, am I the only one smelling something fishy here? Next thing you know two of Karen’s boys are going to UofL. Hush your mouth! Extortion? Payoffs? Who put Karen and Tim together, did Tim loose his job for any conflict of interest, he still works for Pitino… LMAO. I just hope the world looks past a Hall of Fame coach who already went Clinton on us when he said in the beginning that I did not have sex with that woman and now apologizes to his Family on national TV, saying he did. I didn’t hear Karen’s family get an apology. The school says its a personal matter so I guess Adultry, Rape, Abortion is condoned? Oh, they are building that new arena. Poor Karen, the lamb… Now they want to take her daughter. After raising 4 sons, two of which attended UofL with out incident last year, I’m sure she would have no trouble taking care of that baby. She is a stay at home mother and her soon to be X is on the road, never had children. Come on… Where is the justice in that. There are so many things that make me go, Hummmmmmmm? It should you as well….

  3. 3
    Haley Says:

    Karen and her family are personal friends of mine and honestly seeing these stories about her are getting old, leave her alone and let her and her children live in peace!!!!!!!