Kari Klinkenborg is Terrell Owens’ Girlfriend!

August 11, 2009

Meet Kari Klinkenborg, a former University of Florida volleyball player turned model. She is also Terrell Owens girlfriend. See photos, video plus read a biography about Kari Klinkenborg below.

Kari Klinkenborg

Kari Klinkenborg

Kari Klinkenborg is in the news as the gorgeous 6 foot tall brunette beauty was featured last night on Terrell Owens’ reality show, The T.O. Show, as his girlfriend.

Not only is Kari a former University of Florida volleyball player, but a model as well. She hopes to one day appear in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Such a simple request, surely the powers that be over at SI are considering it, eh?

Kari Klinkenborg Biography

As a biography, Kari Klinkenborg is 23 years old. She stands six feet tall, weighs 137 pounds and boasts measurements of 34-25-36.

She grew up in Colorado, where she attended Highlands Ranch High School and was a member of the volleyball team. She was named one of Volleyball Magazine’s Fab 50 top recruits in 2004 and was ranked the 49th player in the country by Prepvolleyball.com. The Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post named her to the Colorado State Tournament Team. During her high school years, she started modeling at the urging of a friend. She signed with Maximum Talent Agency in Denver and started appearing in fashion shows and print ads.

She went on to the University of Florida, and with her busy Gators volleyball schedule, put modeling on hold, but did take the time to appear on the cover of Campus Girls USA.

Kari, currently Terrell Owens’ girlfriend, can be seen on his VH1 reality show, The T.O. Show, where we were introduced to her last night.

Photos and video of Kari Klinkenborg are below.

Kari Klinkenborg Terrell Owens Terrell OwensTerrell Owens
Kari Klinkenborg Terrell Owens Photos

Kari Klinkenborg Video

Photos: HRC/WENN, Starbux / WENN, Judy Eddy / WENN, www.wenn.com

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7 Responses to “Kari Klinkenborg is Terrell Owens’ Girlfriend!”

  1. 1
    B Says:

    she’s charming, very beautiful. But I hope she’s not T.O. gf.

  2. 2
    Big T Says:

    She is TOs girlfriend. Tough luck

  3. 3
    deb Says:

    I really enjoy T.O’s show. He is cocky but in a humorous way. I do not however, condone his treatment of women. He does not know how to value females. He drops by Kari’s house because he is afraid to burn his bridges. Next was his ex-fiancee’s home. He said basically the same thing about her as he did kari. He is a born player. Also, I have to remark about this because I am sick of racism in this country. I was sickened by what Mo or whatever the other one’s name is when they said FORGET THE WHITE GIRLS AND ASIAN GIRLS,,,,,,oh looky the racism goes both ways huh? The way they treated Kari was disrespectful and uncalled for. Kari handled it just as she would…with dignity and a lot of smiles. She is so much better than those racist managers. This would have caused an outrage if a white person said “forget the blacks…..” I cannot imagine the uproar that would have caused. Kari was way too good for him and those nasty witches would have surely tried to make her life hell had she stayed with T.O.
    God bless ya Kari, your prince awaits you and its NOT T.O.

  4. 4
    Sandy Says:

    OMG, she is way too young and too immature for T.O. I hope he goes back to his fiancee. She is a beautiful lady. Get smart TO, what are you thinking? Snap out of it. Kari will control your every waking minute and you will grow tired of it.

  5. 5
    Bennie Says:

    OMG!! cannot believe that to picked this ish to be his wife!! do not, do not, like her!! just something about her, it wont last!! wake up to–i think that you and KIta make a much better pair and i thought that she was the one that u were going to propose to-not the controlling nut case!! BEWARE!!!! send her back to the volleyball field where she belong!!!

  6. 6
    Sheila Says:

    Bennie, I so agree with you. I can’t believe he’s letting her play him like that. Even if they get married, it won’t last since she is very controlling and thinks she has him wrapped around her finger.

  7. 7
    lisa Says:

    She just dated him cause he is T.O she needs to “eat to” cant blame the girl I dont understand whats so hot about him his money is hot if he was T.O the janitor none of these white chicks would date him.