Kelly Kulick: American Bowler

August 6, 2009

Meet Kelly Kulick, an Olympic gold medal winner for bowling. Learn more about the story, plus you can find pictures, video, and a Kelly Kulick biography here.


Kelly Kulick, along with the rest of Team USA, won 14 out of 16 medals at the Pan American Bowling Confederation Women’s Championships back in 2008. Between her and her partner, Wendy Macpherson a total of 2,602 were scored, which was enough to take home the gold for doubles.

Then she averaged 226 points over six games to help lead Team USA which consisted of Liz Johnson, Asbaty Macpherson, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Lynda Barnes to a overall gold medal.

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Kelly Kulick Biography

Kelly Kulick was born on March 16, 1977. She attended Morehead State University where she was a three-time collegiate player of the year, two-time Collegiate Bowler of the Year, and two-time All-American.

She started bowling at a professional level with the Professional Women’s Bowling Association, which is no longer in operation. In 2001, she brought home the Rookie of the Year award. Then in 2003 she won the U.S. Women’s Open.

In 2006, she made history as the first professional female bowler to PBA tour exemption, which she no longer qualified for in 2007. Also, not too long ago, Kelly Kulick made an appearance in the comic “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” as the girlfriend of Flash Thompson.


Kelly Kulick Video
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