Man Tasered at Baseball Game in Oakland (Video!)

August 6, 2009

Man tasered at baseball game in Oakland! Video footage of a man tasered at a baseball game in Oakland is making the rounds across the web. You can see the video here.

baseball game

Man Tasered at Baseball Game

At the Oakland A’s/Texas Rangers game Tuesday night, a fan caught on tape a man tasered at the game.

There are conflicting reports as to why Oakland police approached the gentleman, sources say that he was in the wrong seat and refused to listen to the officers. A witness of the incident said:

“I was sitting about 5 rows in front of him and he was actually a Texas fan and he´╗┐ kept yelling obnoxiously. The usher who had been very nice went over and made a joke. And dude flipped out screaming and swearing saying get outta my fing face and calling him the n word. They called security and he was still screaming and swearing. So the police came and while they were trying to put handcuffs on him he kept trying to swing at them. So they tasered him and he fell and hit his head.”

Not only was the man tasered at baseball game, another spectator rushed to the scene to catch it on his cell phone when an usher blocked him from filming the incident and he went tumbling down the stairs. Top that off with a foul ball heading right towards the ruckus. Made for quite an eventful game, that’s for sure.

What do you think of the man tasered at baseball game in Oakland? Was it really necessary to taser him? Leave me a comment, plus see video of the incident below.

Man tasered at baseball game – Video
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18 Responses to “Man Tasered at Baseball Game in Oakland (Video!)”

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  1. 1
    joe Says:

    it appears that there was really nobody near him. if every fan got tased for being to boisterous at a sporting event what the fck!!! using the n word was not necessary. what did the security guard say to him anybody really know? this was handled just like the baby being kicked out of burger king. the security guard and police need to use better judgement if mam sustained permanent damage from fall sue

  2. 2
    James Says:

    They should have tased the guard to see how
    he liked it…..I think that the fans at that
    game should have taken the guard into custody
    and i mean ever one of them!!!!!!

  3. 3
    timi Says:

    I think the cop with the taser got a little anxious when he tased the guy the second time thats for sure. you could tell the guy was not complying in speaking with the police. but these guys were too anxious to tase an older person probaly drunk. what you wanna bet they felt they did their job appropriately. cops are people too. they get just as obnoxious and drunk and anyone else does. a reprimand on the cop should be take place. at least he had the taser to use instead of his weapon..power trip!!!!!!!

  4. 4
    Wayne Smith Says:

    I thnik the public needs to stand up for each other when they see corupt cops do things like this and shoot the cops in there stupied head for self defense. The corupt cops today forget they are the servants of “WE THE PEOPLE” because they think we are under marshal law just because the damn courts have a gold fringe on the amercian flag which means the constitution has been suspended. We now live in a communist country that is only going to get worst. Unless the people stand united and overthrow the goverment.

  5. 5
    american Says:

    This is typical of why many refer to these types of individuals as “PIGS”. Easy to see the correlation when you see this actual footage.

  6. 6
    rich largo Says:

    Yeah, why did they even bother the guy. Just because he wasn’t following rules. The cops should have asked him nicely to move or leave and if he said no they should have left themselves. People should be able to do whatever they like even if it is wrong and against the rules created by society. I mean you don’t have to comply with the police, what were they thinking. Gosh!

  7. 7
    Jon Says:

    yes, they used due force.

    lets let him be until he does something violent. then we can groan about how the cops didn’t do anything.

  8. 8
    Lisa Says:

    The guy should have realized that he should have just shut his mouth. I dont know if the guy was old or not and if he was grow the F up. Other accounts say he was being rude to others to the point they had to move to get away from him As for everyone on here yelling fould I guess you never had to sit next to an obnoxious idiot after paying good money for a seat.

  9. 9
    Austin Says:

    Yes he deserved it! This is what every idiotic person needs. He was the one that elevated the situation. What did you want the cops to do? A majority of you need to learn to write in complete sentences and use spell check before posting your comments! I’m sure all of you would love to sit with your children next to this imbecile. Wayne Smith I graded your post you get an “F” for being a complete idiot…I guess that was your brother in the fisher-mans hat & white t-shirt? I hope it hurt like hell.

  10. 10
    Donald Says:

    Amen Austin!

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