Ingrid Vandebosch is Jeff Gordon’s HOT Wife! (Photos and Video)

November 10, 2007

Meet Ingrid Vandebosch, the Belgian born model and actress who is married to NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. See photos, video and a biography of Ingrid here!

As a biography, Ingrid Vandebosch was born on November 8, 1969 in Belgium. Even after Ingrid won the Elite Look of the Year Award in 1990, she did not gain the recognition that comes with having won such a prestigious award. It was not until six years later that she started with an agency in the Netherlands that jump started her modeling career again. In 1999, she was discovered by modeling agents in Paris, where she moved and lived for six years. She did modeling stints for Christian Dior and Amway plus appeared in fashion magazines such as ELLE, Marie Claire, Vogue and Glamour. She eventually moved to New York City to seek out other opportunities other than modeling and would become the face of “Artistry”.

See gorgeous pictures and an interview with Ingrid at Stuff Magazine.

Ingrid did have bit parts in “Going Greek” and “Taxi”.

Ingrid and Jeff were introduced in 2002, but did not date until a couple years later. The two were dating while Ingrid filmed the movie “Taxi”, in which Jeff made a cameo appearance. She married Jeff on November 7, 2006 in a private ceremony in Colima, Mexico. They would announce that Ingrid was pregnant with their first child a month later. On June 20, 2007, Ella Sofia Gordon was born in New York City. Baby Ella weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce.

Ingrid has been recognized on numerous occasions as the “Hottest Sports Wife/Girlfriend“.

See more of a biography for Ingrid here.

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More photos of Ingrid Vandebosch and a video of her are below.

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    robert Says:

    please ask jeff if he enjoyed the race?! I personaly thought that it was little more than a joke. What was up with the follow the leader??? my kids have more fun and alot more excitement on their gocart. I hope that he agrees with me. If the rest of the season is like this race I will not be watching. I am sorry, I have followed Jeffs carreer since day one and this in my opinion was just a race that i would not want to count in that carreer. SORRY ROBERT