Michael Vick Gets A Second Chance in the NFL

July 29, 2009

While Michael Vick gets a second chance in the NFL, the debate still rages on as to whether the former Falcon quarterback deserves to play or not. See photos and video below.

Michael Vick

Vick gets second chance at footbal

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell conditionally reinstated Michael Vick on Monday, thus Vick getting a second chance to play the sport he loves.

Goodell spoke to several former and current players to get their two cents in as to whether or not to reinstate the former Falcon, and not surprisingly their reactions were “very mixed”. Goodell said:

“I do recognize that some will never forgive him for what he did. I hope that the public will have a chance to understand his position as I have.”

With Vick’s conditional reinstatement, he can sign with a team, take part in preseason practices and play in the last two preseason games. Goodell will not consider Vick for a full reinstatement until the sixth week of the season – October 18-19.

The 29-year-old quarterback, who was released by the Atlanta Falcons in June, was suspended indefinitely by Goodell in August 2007 after admitting his involvement in a dogfighting operation at his home in Virginia. He spent 23 months in prison. His sentence ended on July 20th.

While many will argue the fact that Vick did his time and paid his debt to society and should be allowed to play in the NFL, others are surprised that Vick gets a second chance. PETA, in particular, finds it unacceptable that he is put “in a position in which children will look up to him as a role model and wear any new jersey that bears his number”.

Okay folks, let’s open this one up for discussion…do you think it’s right that Vick gets a second chance to play in the NFL? Leave me a comment. Meanwhile, check out video of Michael Vick below.

Michael Vick – Video
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34 Responses to “Michael Vick Gets A Second Chance in the NFL”

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  1. 1
    Bodasefus Says:

    Kids will be looking up to any of the big sports stars… The crime that Vick is responsible for is not what you want to set up as a roll model… Vick should have a condition of his parole is that he not touch a football for 10 years… People that exploit animals should be treated like sex offenders… Slime of the earth…

  2. 2
    Lorna Young Says:

    I understand that Vicks has ‘paid his dues to society’ but one must remember – celebrities (movie stars, musicians, athletes, etc.) are held to a higher standard because they represent roll models for our younger generation. The fact that Vicks claimed he grew up in the atmosphere of dog fighting doesn’t wash – with all the publicity regarding dog fighting (along with drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.) he had the chance to stop and think that maybe what he was doing was wrong.
    There is no excuse for the abuse and torture of innocent animals. ENOUGH ALREADY.
    Vicks should not be allowed to return to pro football. That would be the same as saying “We’re alright with what you did”. I am not saying he should not be allowed to earn a living. Just not in the limelight where his actions can be revered by those who look up to athletes as heroes.

  3. 3
    busdriver Says:

    What about the dogs he killed getting another chance,NO he should not get another chance,he needs to work for nothing in a rescue home for abused animals,If by chance some team does pick him(WHICH I HOPE DOESNT HAPPEN) he will be required to give 75% of his earnings to a shelter for abused animals.Being raised in the environment doesnt give him the right to continue this horrible act of violence,its another cop out on his part.

  4. 4
    Firestorm Says:

    Vick should definitely be allowed to return to the NFL! Although he did commit a crime, he did what the judge ordered him to do and should have a chance to redeem himself, as opposed to being exiled from football for the rest of his life. Frankly I don’t think supporting dog fighting in the way he did should bar him from the NFL after he has served his time.
    Still concerned about the mistreatment of innocent animals? Look at the animal testing that goes on every day. Some of the things that I have personally witnessed in labs that are done to animals are FAR worse than dog fighting. But people keep putting dogs on a pedestal like they’re more important than other animals, though even dogs are tested on.

  5. 5
    Karim Says:

    I Don’t Know I Love The Way Vick Plays. Big Fan OF Him But He Did His Time He Followed Procedures. But Then Again I Got A Pet Dog And To See Her Go Through What He Did To Those Dogs I Don’t Know. I Think If He Touched My Dog He Should Have Been Shot

  6. 6
    Colette Mahoney Says:

    Michael Vick is a devil. He and his friends are despicable and should have been put away for life. They are a menace to society. It is known that those who would hurt animals hurt or kill people later, as well. When I think of those dogs, I get sick. Michael Vick is sadistic and cruel, and he and his friends will be the ones who can answer to their Maker someday.

  7. 7
    Patti Says:

    I find myself wondering what good the code of conduct is that Goodell pushed. Michael Vick committed vicious crimes involving animals. He also ran a betting ring. So apparently he didn’t violate the code of conduct? Perhaps the only way to violate the Code of Conduct is to become a serial killer. Professional sports has become a joke. Players can commit crimes, do drugs, get arrested and still make millions of dollars a year.

  8. 8
    Pharaoh Says:

    OMG!!!! This man is getting punished pubicly for finacially funding a dog fighting operation and NOTHING is being sad about Donte Stallworth killing a HUMAN BEING while driving uder the influence. Law enforcement angencies train and use dogs eveyday to chase bad guys and sniff out drugs and some of those animals are brutally kiiled and harmed. Horses are KILLED when they cant race do to injury. WAKE UP!!! He lost his job, fame, money, and his way of life. Thats more than a lot of people have lost that has done a whole lot worse

  9. 9
    kels Says:

    Michael Vick is human. If he is in compliance to everything the judge placed upon him, then this man deserves….. No, he has the right to live his life to the fullest. At least that is what our wonderful Constiution states. When any person is convicted of a serious crime they are sent to a “Correctional” facility. Key word being “Correctional.” Stop passing judgement. Everybody who sent an email has sinned. A sin is sin. In the eyes of the Father, they are all the same. Let this man be. GET YOUR MONEY VICK!!!!!!

  10. 10
    Mike Licht Says:

    New Vick scandal?



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