Abby McGrew is Eli Manning’s Girlfriend (Photos)

November 9, 2007

Meet Abby McGrew, the girlfriend of quarterback Eli Manning. See photos and read a biography of Abby here!

As a biography, little is really known about Abby. She grew up in Nashville and currently lives in Manhattan. She works in the fashion world as an account executive for Pamela Roland, who designs evening wear and wedding dresses. Maybe Abby will get a good deal on a wedding dress.

Abby and Eli have been dating for about five years, since the days when they were students at the University of Mississippi. Eli proposed to Abby back in March of 2007. No details on a wedding date yet, but reports are suggesting some time in 2008 once the football season is over.

Abby has grown into becoming a football fan, with Eli stating:

“She’s learning,�? he said. “She’s been dealing with it for a while. I don’t know if she would watch it if I wasn’t playing. She understands it.�?

Read more about Abby here.

More photos of Abby McGrew are below.

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35 Responses to “Abby McGrew is Eli Manning’s Girlfriend (Photos)”

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  1. 1
    Sarah Says:

    I just think shes in it for the fame and the money

  2. 2
    Ryan Says:

    Sarah, your an idiot. Hes been dating her since high school. LONG before he was rich or famous. Dont judge people.

  3. 3
    Nicki Says:

    Yeah, they were together long before the fame, open mouth… insert foot Sarah. That’s how rumors get started, people just spurt out crap without getting all the info first.

  4. 4
    Meg Says:

    Actually they met in College at the University of Mississippi. So you are all wrong!

  5. 5
    Heather Says:

    What does everyone think of these two together?
    Comparison between Peytons wife, and Elis soon to be, who better looking?

  6. 6
    Eileen Says:

    they look good, but don’t match though.

  7. 7
    Jeanette’s Celebrity Corner » Blog Archive » Who is Eli Manning's Girlfriend? Abby Mcgrew (Photos) Says:

    […] See more about Abby here. […]

  8. 8
    Cassandta Says:

    Im proud of Eli Manning
    He can do wat he wants..
    And hes like the hottest guy in the world..
    But Shes not only with him for the fame in the money liek the one person said hes only been in the nfl for 4 years and theyve been dating for five.

    Giants babi

    ps eli manning is so fuckin hot

  9. 9
    Rebecca Says:

    Y’all are hilarious. I went to junior high and high school (Brentwood Academy in Brentwood, TN) with Abby McGrew, and she’s definitely not some one who’s going to marry some one just for ‘fame or money’. She met Eli at Ole Miss and started dating him before he ever got into the NFL. No need to bring people down just because you think they are lucky and fortunate to have fell in love with a NFL quarterback!

  10. 10
    SCA Alum Says:

    I went to high school (Saint Cecilia Academy not Brentwood Academy, thank you) with Abby and she really wasn’t a very nice person. She was very self-centered and conceited. Her nickname given to her by the football team she cheered for was Abby “All I Want For Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth” McGrew. (Her teeth were really bad and it looked like the front 2 were missing!) I’m not saying this because I’m jealous (trust me, I’m not!), I just want people to know what she is really like. Sure people may change but I’m not sure she’s capable of changing THAT much!

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