Tommy Haas Poisoned in Russian Tennis Scandal

November 7, 2007

German tennis player Tommy Haas is claiming that he was poisoned in a Davis Cup semi-final match between Germany and Russia.

The match took place in Moscow in September 2006 in which he was slaughtered by Igor Andreev. The result propelled the Russians into the Davis Cup finals against the United States.

As you can see in the picture, Tommy Haas is really cute. It makes me mad to think that he spend any time throwing up in Russian when he could have been dating hot Russian girls. See his hot Sports Illustrated picture getting humped on the beach so that you can share my wrath about poisoning.

Poison in Russia seems to be the crime du jour for the mafia and syndicates which run the country under Vladimir Putin. The mob has famously poisoned dissidents in recent years outside the country. It is no stretch to think that a lot of money riding on a Davis Cup tennis match would bring out the poisoned Russian vodka once again.

Tommy Haas had the symptoms of food poisoning during the two days he was in Moscow for the event. But fully six weeks later, he was still nauseated from the effects so this was no ordinarily bad Russian caviar.

Alexander Waske, his teammate, says that he was approached by a Russian after the event who stated bluntly that it was a shame to lose a match because of poisoning.

The International Tennis Federation is taking the matter seriously and just launched a full investigation. One thing that can definitely be confirmed (or not) is if Haas was poisoned. A hair sample will be taken. Hair stores toxin for months.

More photos and evidence of hotness below, including his girlfriend Sara Foster who is an actress. More on her here.

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