Mark Buehrle’s Perfect Game! (Video)

July 23, 2009

Here is video of Mark Buehrle’s perfect game! Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game today against the Tampa Bay Rays, beating them 5-0. Read more about the story plus see photos and a video below.

Mark Buehrle pitch

Mark Buehrle – perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays

The Mark Buehrle perfect game was worthy of a replay, as Comcast SportsNet televised the historic game again this evening at 7:00 PM.

Buehrle became only the second player in White Sox history to throw a perfect game, and is the 18th pitcher in MLB history to accomplish the feat as well. This was Buehrle’s second no hitter of his career, the first of which occurred on April 18, 2007 against the Texas Rangers. Minutes after the game ended, the 30-year-old pitcher said:

“I don’t think it’s really soaked in. I think it will soak in a little later. I still don’t know what happened. Obviously, any time your name gets up there with some of the greats in the game, it means a lot.”

He received several congratulatory phone calls and text messages, even a call from President Barack Obama. Buehrle explained:

“[Obama] said he was taking a little bit of credit because he wore the White Sox jacket at the All-Star Game, and I told him how surprised I was that he actually did it,” Buehrle said. “He said congratulations, and it’s an honor. [He said] a lot of people are going to remember this forever.”

Check out pics below as well as video highlights of Mark Buehrle’s perfect game.

Mark Buehrle pitch Mark Buehrle pitch
Mark Buehrle Photos

Mark Buehrle Perfect Game – Final Out Video

Photos: BY-NC-ND 2.0
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