Seniors’ Cane-Fu Classes: Self Defense for the Elderly

July 23, 2009

Seniors’ Cane-Fu classes are all the rage right now. They are popping up all over the country, where seniors are taught how to use their canes in self defense. Sort of a Martial Arts for Seniors, eh? I don’t think we’ll be seeing this on a UFC Fight Card any time soon. Read more about the story plus photos and video below.

Seniors Cane

Seniors’ Cane-Fu

Cane-Fu classes not only are teaching these folks how to defend themselves from a potential attacker, it’s a great form of exercise as well.

Cane-Fu is a combination of aerobics and self defense. The popularity of cane fighting has risen all thanks to Mark Shuey, a tae kwon do and hapkido expert and owner of Cane Masters. The 61-year-old teaches the “American Cane System” to martial arts instructors around the world. He says:

“The cane is more than a crutch. They can feel empowered by it. A lot of people don’t realize that you could stop many attacks just by knowing how to swing a cane. A lot of people say it’s just a stick, but it’s a great tool to learn to use.”

Cane-Fu classes for seniors are everywhere – in nursing homes, seniors centers, retirement communities and even…cruise ships.

In a world where a would be attacker may think that an elderly person walking down the street assisted by a cane may be an easy target, they’d better think again. They wouldn’t want to end up like this guy.

Check out video of a Seniors’ Cane-Fu class below.

Seniors’ Cane-Fu – Video
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    sheila ash Says:

    are there any cane fu classes close to the cicero,ill. location