Andrea McNulty: Ben Roethlisberger’s Alleged Rape Victim?

July 21, 2009

Meet Andrea McNulty. She is accusing Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of alleged sexual assault. Read more about the story plus photos and video below.

Andrea McNulty Ben Roethlisberger rape allegations

Andrea McNulty: Ben Roethlisberger Rape Allegation?

UPDATE! Andrea McNulty photos have been found. See a full gallery of Andrea McNulty pictures here and here!

Andrea McNulty, a Harrah’s Casino employee in Reno, Nevada, has filed a lawsuit against Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback for sexual assault. Ben Roethlisberger rape allegations? What?

According to Pro Football Talk, McNulty alleges in the suit that Roethlisberger asked her to come up to his room in the casino to fix the TV and afterward “forced her to have sex with him”. The incident reportedly occurred in July of 2008.

In the suit, Roethlisberger faces:

– One civil count of assault
– One civil count of sexual assault and battery
– One civil count of false pretenses
– One civil count of false imprisonment
– One civil count of intentional infliction of emotional distress
– One civil count of fraud

David Cornwell, Roethlisberger’s attorney, released the following statement denying that Ben Roethlisberger raped Ms. McNulty:

“This weekend Andrea McNulty served Ben Roethlisberger with a civil complaint accusing him of sexually assaulting her in July 2008. Ben has never sexually assaulted anyone; especially Andrea McNulty. The timing of the lawsuit and the absence of a criminal complaint and a criminal investigation are the most compelling evidence of the absence of any criminal conduct. If an investigation is commenced, Ben will cooperate fully and Ben will be fully exonerated.”

Roethlisberger was served last weekend while participating in the American Century Championship Celebrity golf tournament.

Andrea McNulty Biography

As far as a biography, not much is known about Andrea McNulty. We do know that she is an employee of the Harrah’s Casino in Reno, Nevada. Readers, I need your help locating any Andrea McNulty photos, so if you find any, leave me a comment below. Information about her Facebook or Myspace pages would be good.

What are your thoughts about these Ben Roethlisberger rape allegations?

See photos and video below.

Andrea McNulty Ben Roethlisberger rape allegationsAndrea McNulty Ben Roethlisberger rape allegationsAndrea McNulty Ben Roethlisberger rape allegations
Ben Roethlisberger Pics

Ben Roethlisberger Golfing – Video

Photos: Carrie Devorah/

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15 Responses to “Andrea McNulty: Ben Roethlisberger’s Alleged Rape Victim?”

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  1. 1
    Mandy Says:

    Ben doesn’t need to force anybody to have sex with him, but he obviously didn’t learn anything from Kobe.

  2. 2
    Jman Says:

    This might be the facebook. One site had her picture up.

  3. 3
    bigyaz Says:

    mandy: You DO know that sexual assault is most often more about power than sex, don’t you? Otherwise you wouldn’t make such ignorant comments.

  4. 4
    bonnie Says:

    Ben wouldnt do that!!!! Im sure the STEELER NATION will stand behind him 100%. Just another gold digger!!!!

  5. 5
    Mrs.O'Riley Says:

    Its hard to say with pro atheletes because most women know they got money and they tend to make things up nobody really knows what happened and probably we will never know.

  6. 6
    Donna Says:

    I am a woman and I am really getting upset with these “situations”. When a woman is raped it is a terribly devasting thing, and lawsuits like these only damage the credibility of women that actually have been raped. I’m sorry to say that I find it very interesting that when a celebrity is “involved”, that the female decides a “lawsuit” is more appropriate than going directly to the police. What rubbish! No one could convince me that she is young and naive and didn’t know what to do — she is smart like a fox and knew that bringing this up a year after he was in Reno would make it impossible to prove or disprove. Can anyone say “payday”?!?!?

  7. 7
    Matt Says:

    There are many reasons to go the civil lawsuit route as opposed to pressing criminal charges. Probably the most important reason is that for a conviction in criminal proceeding you need “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” However, in a civil case the standard is proof by the “preponderance of the evidence,” it is a lower standard to meet.

  8. 8
    Babs Says:

    I agree with Donna (#6)
    Any woman who has truly been devastated by rape wants justice and to try to stop him from doing this to other women. They want the man arrested and put in prison. Yes, I’m speaking from experience.
    The fact that she went to a lawyer to sue in civil court instead of the police to press criminal charges takes away all her creditability and the jurors will see right through it. Especially the female jurors.

  9. 9
    Dee Says:

    exactly, babs and donna. i agree. why not go to the police right after? why wait a year? this is stupid.

  10. 10
    staci Says:


    big ben has a big problem

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