Carolina Kostner: Italian Figure Skater

July 14, 2009

Check out Carolina Kostner. She is an Italian Figure Skater who ranks at No. 1 in the world of skating. Read Carolina Kostner’s biography below and check out video after the jump.

Carolina Kostner 1
Carolina Kostner

Italian skater Carolina Kostner belongs to the GS Fiamme Azzurre Club. She is currently coached by Frank Carroll. Kostner is a silver and bronze medalist. Read more on Carolina Kostner after the jump and see more photos of her here.

Carolina Kostner Biography

As a biography Carolina Kostner is an Italian Figure Skater who was born on February 8, 1987 in Bolzano, Italy. Kostner started skating when she was only four years old. Both her parents are professional skaters who performed in the 70’s. Carolina is a graduate from the University of Turin.

In 2002 Kostner attended her first competition, the European Championships. She placed fourth at the event. In the same year she went on to attend the Junior Worlds where she won her first bronze medal. Two years later she attended the European Championships as well as the Worlds. She placed 5th at both competitions.

In 2005 Kostner successfully beat out professional skater Michelle Kwan at the European Championships, earning herself a bronze medal. The following year she went on to the Winter Olympics and the World Figure Skating Championships.

More photos and a video of Carolina Kostner are below.

Carolina Kostner Video


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3 Responses to “Carolina Kostner: Italian Figure Skater”

  1. 1
    Betty Says:

    Michelle Kwan was never in the European Championships(she is an American) neither is she a professional skater. Get your facts straight.

  2. 2
    Princess Buttercup Says:

    Costner is nowhere NEAR ranked “#1 in the World” – that’s currently Yu-Na Kim from South Korea. Check the ISU website for the current world rankings (

  3. 3
    pat orzechowski Says:

    of course, they didn’t take anything even goe wise for her ur’s and double footing of jumps. outside of her first triple-triple the rest was sloppy and two-footed. gave her full credit plus and added goe’s to all her jumps, took off of michelle’s jumps though.