Chanel Fielder is Prince Fielder’s Wife

July 13, 2009

Meet Chanel Fielder, Prince Fielder’s wife. The Milwaukee Brewers first baseman was crowned the winner of the 2009 Home Run Derby this evening. Read more about Chanel plus see photo and video below.

Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder, Chanel Fielder’s Husband

Chanel Fielder is certainly busting with pride tonight, as her husband, Prince Fielder, is the 2009 Home Run Derby winner. He is the first Brewer to accomplish the feat.

Chanel Fielder, Prince Fielder’s wife, saw her husband come out victorious in the 2009 Home Run Derby this evening in St. Louis, beating out Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz, six home runs to Cruz’s five in the final.

Chanel Fielder Biography

As a biography, there is scant information on Chanel Fielder available. Pictures of this baseball wife are difficult to find as well, so if any of our readers out there can help us out, leave me a comment below!

According to, Chanel Fielder wed Prince Fielder in the summer of 2005, during the Triple A All-Star Break. Rickie Weeks, Fielder’s teammate and best friend, served as best man at the nuptials. Chanel and Prince have two boys, Jayden and Haven.

It has been reported that Chanel Fielder is credited with Prince becoming a vegetarian after she gave him the best-selling book Skinny B*tch to read. After learning about carnivorous practices, he quickly switched to a meatless diet. Chanel and the two boys were already practicing vegetarians.

So readers, if you have any info on Chanel Fielder, Prince Fielder wife, that you’d like to share, please feel free to add that to our comment section!

See video of Chanel Fielder’s hubby, Prince Fielder, win the 2009 Home Run Derby below.

Prince Fielder Video

Photo: / CC BY-SA 2.0
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9 Responses to “Chanel Fielder is Prince Fielder’s Wife”

  1. 1
    Knows it all Says:

    I happen to have alot of info on Chanel, if you would like the real deal, let me know. I am her uncle.

  2. 2
    Shelly Says:

    I know tha family. Chanel is a gold digger. he had the first baby so she can hop on the money train, Prince wasnt lookin to have kids, he was gettin his ball game on. She planned it all and we feel sorry for Prince. Gold diggin ho.

  3. 3
    jenna Says:

    the both of you claim to know her, but neither of you are giving too much info. There’s probably a reason that no one knows much about her — that’s the way she wants it. Just because she married a baseball player doesn’t mean she wants to be rich or wants any “fame.” (or what little fame the wives get.) She may be a gold digger, I don’t know. But, seeing is believing so you might want to show proof on what you “know.”

  4. 4
    Knows the Truth Says:

    Jenna, she was raised in Chattahoochee Florida by her mother Sandy. Her family was very racist being from a very small southern town. She was bussed to another school out of district to avoid other races. Her and her mom eventually ended up living in Melbourne FL, there she met Prince and let everyone know she was going to land a rich man and purposely get pregnant. That she did within 2 months of knwing Prince. She brought her mom and grandmother to his home where they took pics of the house and plotted the whole pregnancy thing. Then when she finally gave brith to Jaden, Prince’s mom was so upset that she gave her a used diaper bag – Prince wasnt even there, she brought the new baby to her mom’s boyfriends house. In addition, when Chanels great grandfather passed away, the family made Chanel tell everyone that Prince was just her friend and the baby was darker because she takes him to the beach. SO, why is Prince putting up with this, pretty sad. But, Chanel has learned from her mom – her mom got preg with Chanel for money – heck when Chanel turned 18, her mom knew child support was about to end so she got kncoked up from her current boyfriend – now the 45 year old mom has a meal ticket for the next 18 years. Hey, the fruit doesnt fall far from the tree. This girl is a gold digger, plotted both pregnancies to an unsuspecting Prince. Thank god he had a vasectomy, if not, no doubt she would have tried to further seal the deal with a few more innocent kids.

  5. 5
    know it all Says:

    Also, I do have more info, just the fact that the entire family knew Prince was going to have a baby before he even did is proof enough the kind of character or lack of Chanel has. Haha, and by the way, her name is spelled Channel, at least that is how it is legally spelled on her birth certif and on every paper until she turned 20. She is a gold digging mess as is her mother. We just feel sorry for Prince, she used the oldest trick in the book to land him. We knew before he did what she was planning on doing – then there was trouble a year or so after Jaden was born so she ‘accidently’ got pregnant with Haven – except, Haven might not even be Princes. Chanel liked puetro rican guys all while growing up – and, Haven has soft curly hair – go figure. He kneeds to get rid of her, thank god it wont last anyway.

  6. 6
    K Says:

    This is funny, I have been Chanels friend since we were 5 yes she lived in chattagoochee off and on since then but she was never “from here” she was always a city girl. This girl was never racist…. No matter what people said she always dated outside of her race…. Always. Peope in chattagoochee went to school in sneads because the schools were btter,period! She even went to school in marrianna for awhile. She didn’t plan this, she even broke up with prince and refused to marry him just because she had the baby,,, truth be told every since Chanel and prince were 17 no matter who he was with he was always calling her and trying to find her. She never gave him the time of day because usually she or him were in a relationship. As for his mom she never gave Chanel a used diaper bag, she had one from the hospital. Her mother and baby shower supplied the rest. Point is Chanel and prince hve the best relationship, he needed her, she’s a smart girl who went through and saw a lot growing up. If after 6 years prince doesn’t know she is from chattagoochee then they don’t talk at all, he spends every thansgiving here in chattahoochee he is well aware of what her crazy family is about. The only racist people in the family is prince side of the family all they do is make fun of white people Chanel went through the most with them even though prince has white in him they are the definition of rasict, if Chanel was black this thread would t even be here.

  7. 7
    Meanna Says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if there was anyone who knows how to meet Prince?? I am a HUGE fan! He inspires me to be better…any hints? It would be such an honor.

  8. 8
    US Airline delay stats Says:

    I happen to have alot of info on Chanel, if you would like the real deal, let me know. I am her uncle.

  9. 9
    Christian Says:

    Chanel is my sister and sandy is my mom so don’t say anything about them channel is no gold digger the love each other and r perfectly married so if u don’t know your info then don’t say your info