Favre Rents Condo in Edina

July 9, 2009

Though Brett Favre has yet to announce his signing with the Minnesota Vikings, he has reportedly rented a condo in Edina. Read more and see video here.

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Favre Rents Condo in Edina

Brett Favre is expected to announce his signing with the Minnesota Vikings in time for the start of the team’s single game ticket sales, which begin July 20. However the “Favre rents condo Edinaā€¯ headlines have pretty much given it away. Brett has reportedly put a $30,000 deposit down on a condo near 50th and France in Edina. There were previously rumors that Favre had purchased a house near the team’s headquarters.

Favre was expected to formalize his relationship with the Vikings this week, but due to the sad death of Steve McNair, who’ll be buried on Saturday in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, it has been put off.

The Vikings will play the Green Bay Packers, Oct. 5 and the Vikings are reportedly planning to require anyone buying a ticket to that game to also buy a ticket to the Aug. 21 exhibition game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

What do you think about the Favre rents condo Edina rumors? Are they legit or are you waiting for an official announcement?

Check out video below.

Favre Video

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43 Responses to “Favre Rents Condo in Edina”

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  1. 1
    Paula Says:

    I think Favre sucks and is a trader. I dont think of Favre as a packer no more.

  2. 2
    john daggett Says:

    i am a football fan. but football is not a sport but big time entertainment.
    favre can fill the city and will make money for the vikings.
    i enjoy more a cup of coffee than reading about mr. yesterday. the usa does not need to be watching football on sunday . but yes favre will be good for the vikings. and good for marketing everything america can do without.

  3. 3
    Julie Says:

    I would LOVE to see Brett play again! He is one of the greats. Welcome back Brett ~ I’m looking forward to the new season.

  4. 4
    debbie Says:

    As a packer fan I will be always and a Brett fan yes but only as a packer. He will be back to hang his number on the great wall in Green Bay.

  5. 5
    Rick Fyhrlund Says:

    Please keep in mind, football is a game, yes there is a lot of money involved, yes, the Vikings head office will do anything to get people into the dome “remember money”, yes Favre will help the Vikings money wise, but, at 39 years old, will he help the Viks!! Didn’t the head office do this a few years ago. What was his name!!! Oh well,

  6. 6
    Jeff Says:

    Paula – What does Brett trade?

  7. 7
    krod Says:

    All these idiots that are saying that Brett is a traitor,not “trader”, suck. This is a business. Also, football is a sport. Anyone that thinks differently should put on a pair of pads and let a linebacker hit him or her from their blind side. Of course not knowing when it is going to happen. So all the haters out there , blow me.

  8. 8
    John Says:

    The sad viqueens have to do something to fill that craphole humptydome somehow. The queens can’t sell out the place without having a former Packer great, even if they are throwing their future quarterbacks under the bus. I’m sure they love being shoved aside. What can you say, it will take a Packer player to show the viqueens how to win.

  9. 9
    Al Says:

    Hmmm…things are getting interesting. A $30,000 down-payment on a condo in Edina, Minnesota means Favre is either planning on doing a lot of fishing in those 10,000 Minnesota lakes or lacing up his cleats for the Vikings…time will tell.

  10. 10
    terry Says:

    Good Lord Brett, Please exit gracefully, you are starting to embarass yourself with your “need” for the headlines and attention.

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