Joe Sakic To Retire

July 8, 2009

Joe Sakic to retire? Say it ain’t so! National Hockey League star Joe Sakic is rumored to be retiring on Thursday. Read more and see a photo and video here.

Joe Sakic

Joe Sakic To Retire

Colorado Avalanche star Joe Sakic is set to retire this week after 20 years in the NHL. The 40 year old forward, should definitely become a member of the hall of fame.

Sakic has had trouble with injuries over the last two seasons, which some people believe may be contributing to his decision to retire. Just in the past two years, Joe had hernia surgery, suffered from a herniated disc along with three broken fingers.

The NHL veteran was only able to play 59 regular season games. Currently, Sakic ranks eighth on the all-time point list.

What do you think about Joe Sakic’s plans to retire on Thursday?

Check out video of Joe below.

Joe Sakic Video
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