Tatiana Grigorieva Is a Retired Australian Pole Vaulter

July 7, 2009

Check out retired Australian pole vaulter Tatiana Grigorieva! She is one of the hottest woman in sports who now spends her time as an international spokesperson and works with charities. Read Tatiana Grigorieva’s biography after the jump and see video.

Tatiana Grigorieva is a gold and silver medalist who is a native of Russia. After picking up pole vaulting back in 2000 Tatiana was competing just 12 months later in the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games. Read more on the sexy Pole Vaulter after the jump.

Tatiana Grigorieva Biography

As a biography Tatiana Grigorieva is a retired Australian Pole Vaulter who was born on October 8, 1975 in Leningrad, Russia. Grigorieva moved to Australia in 1997 and competed an placed third in the 1998 Goodwill Games in New York. One year later Tatiana was competing at the 1999 World Championships winning a bronze medal.

In 2000 she attended the Olympic Games in Sydney, taking home a silver medal. Grigorieva then competed at the 2001 World Championships in Canada where she placed fourth with an injury. The following year at the Commonwealth Games in 2002 proved to be a better year for Tatiana when she set a new game record and became a gold medalist.

In 2003 and 2004 Tatiana Grigorieva’s good streak came to an end when she had to endure the end of her marriage alon with a bout of injury and illness. By 2005 though she was back in the game competing at the World Championships and winning the Osaka GP.

Before her retirement in 2007 Tatiana finished out her career with a silver medal from the Commonwealth Games. She currently is the international spokesperson for the fruit bar CheekyChewz and owns her own cafe, Caffe e Gelato Milany, with her partner Plamen Milanov.

More photos and a video of Tatiana Grigorieva are below.

Tatiana Grigorieva Video
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