Sergio Kindle Texting Crash

June 30, 2009

Sergio Kindle texting crash is a reminder to everyone, do not text and drive. Read more about this Texas linebacker’s texting crash plus see photos and video below.

Sergio Kindle

Sergio Kindle

The Sergio Kindle texting crash left no one injured, thankfully, and the University of Texas linebacker has taken responsibility for the accident.

The incident occurred at 2:00 AM last Wednesday, when Kindle was texting (reportedly either receiving or sending a text) and his car hit a curb, thus losing control of his vehicle, and ending up crashing into an apartment. Kindle did have a passenger in his car, and together, with friends who had been following in the car behind them, pushed the vehicle out of the apartment wall and parked on the street. Kindle suffered a concussion, which he was treated for later in the day.

A rep from the Kindle camp have said that he did contact the management company for the apartment by 10:30 AM and that Kindle would take full responsibility for the damages, estimated at around $8700.

Kindle informed his coaches of the accident the next day. No charges have been filed, and police have not spoken to Kindle.

Brian Roark, attorney for Sergio Kindle, said:

“(Because he) hit a stationary object and did not injure anyone else, he is only required to file a report with the Texas Department of Transportation.”

In 2007, Kindle did not play the first three games of the season after being suspended because of a drunk driving arrest.

What do you think of the Sergio Kindle texting crash? This should serve as a reminder that you should not text and drive, as luckily, the woman who lived in the apartment where the crash occurred was not home. It could have turned out a whole lot worse…Tell me readers, do you text and drive? ‘Fess up! Leave me a comment. Meanwhile, check out photos and video of Sergio Kindle below.

Sergio Kindle
Sergio Kindle Photo

Sergio Kindle Texting Crash Video
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2 Responses to “Sergio Kindle Texting Crash”

  1. 1
    Yeah Right Sergio Says:

    Left the scene after a texting accident, huh? No one in their right mind believes that…even the orangebloods know that’s a crock. He left because TWO DUI/DWI’s would actually force Mack to make a tough decision. (probably sit him out 3 games this time. Mack’s no disciplinarian to be sure

  2. 2
    Jessica Says:

    Leave it to a longhorn…atleast Stoops has respectable players- who don’t receive DWI/DUI’s. Everyone knows Kindle may have been receiving a text, while he was drunk driving.