Alicia Shay is Ryan’s Wife

November 4, 2007

Our hearts go out to Alicia Shay. See her photos and biography. How can anyone cope with their husband’s death at age 28? Read about one of the top long-distance runners in the world.

On Saturday, November 3rd 2007, Alicia Shay’s husband dropped dead on the track in New York. His dream was to quality for the Beijing Summer Olympics. He arrived as an athlete in the prime of life. He left on a stretcher. The hospital could not revive him.

Alicia Shay is an accomplished runner herself. She met Ryan at at the New York City marathon in 2005, soon after which the sports couple fell in love. They were married recently during the summer of 2007 when she became Ryan Shay’s wife. They reside in Flagstaff, Arizona.

As a biography, her maiden name is Alicia Craig. She is a two-time NCAA distance champion and still holds the college record in the 10,000 meter run. She graduated from Stanford University in California. Like her husband, Alicia Shay (Craig) also hoped to qualify for the Beijing Olympics.

She finished 4th in the World Championship qualifying race, which means that she missed the World Championships by one maddening spot. That must have been devastating professionally, but unfortunately disappointment in life can become shockingly relative.

About the opportunity to run in the Olympics, Shay said “I can’t tell you how excited I am.”

Read a telling interview with Alicia at Elite Running, and also this story about her trials and tribulations as an Olympic hopeful.

Photos of Alicia Shay are below. Our thoughts are with you, Alicia.

More picture of Alicia can be found here.

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