Katherine Legge Is a Professional Race Car Driver

June 28, 2009

British professional race car driver Katherine Legge has been training hard for what will be the first woman to race a Formula One car since the days of Italian Giovanna Amati back in the 1992 season. Read more on Katherine Legge with her biography and video after the jump.

Enthusiastic about her upcoming opportunity to race a Formula One car after meeting Paul Stoddart in September at the Belgian Grand Prix, Professional race car driver Katherine Legge recently spoke out:

“When someone offers you an F1 test, nobody in their right mind would say no. I just have so much admiration for Paul ( Minardi owner) and his time in F1 and what he was able to accomplish. It’s a shame to see him go, but I’m just very grateful to him for giving me this opportunity.”

You can also see video of Katherine Legge’s dangerous crash in 2006 after the jump.

Katherine Legge Biography

As a biography, Katherine Legge is a professional British race car driver who was born on July 12, 1980 in Guildford, Surrey, UK. Legge races in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters.

Previous to 2009, Legge first competed back in 2005 at the Toyota Atlantic Championship with Polestar Motor Racing. She won the race as well as the following two at Edmonton and San Jose. That year Legge was named the Toyota Atlantic BBS Rising Star and was also nominated as RACER Magazine’s Most Promising Road Racer of The Year. Katherine was also the first woman to test an A1 Grand Prix car and a Formula One car besides Sarah Fisher.

In 2006 Katherine Legge competed for PKV Racing in the 2006 Champ Car season. She went on to place 6th at Milwaukee, 8th at Cleveland and also assisted England to 2nd in the Nations Cup. At the 2006 Champ Car race at Road America, Legge walked away without injury after what should have been a deadly crash.

More photos and a video of Katherine Legge are below.

Katherine Legge Video
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