Victoria Schattauer is Cheerleader Coach

November 3, 2007

Victoria Schattauer got fired from her job as the partially clothed cheerleader coach for the freshman team in Goshen, Ohio. She reportedly posed for a sans top photo with an underage girl. See her pictures, biography and video.

Update: The Victoria Schattauer scandal has been the internet story of the week. Whenever you put scandal and beautiful women together, everyone wants to know the news. See more at this amazing place.

As a biography, Schattauer is the cheerleader coach for the high school in Goshen, Ohio. She is 19 years old and too naughty for the locals to keep down. Goshen is a sleepy town in rural Ohio with 13,000 people. That means about half the population regularly parties with cheerleaders. Kidding, okay?

The picture was taken at a party in Blanchester Ohio, and all heck broke loose among the locals. What happened next will forever go down in the lore of small town USA. The photo was emailed around town. The school board fired her pretty self for reportedly providing alcohol to a minor at a party hosted by Andrew Emerson, who was assistant coach for the squad. He also got his naughty butt fired for allegedly partying with minors.

The Goshen Tigers do not have a lot going for them except these photos. The boys baseball team won the state championship is 1958, and since then no other state championships.

The uncensored pic is available but cannot be shown here. The girl is a minor and that would be illegal. Please do not ask. Just shut up.

Read much more of the naughty details here.

A video from the party is below.

No, it is not really her but use your imagination.

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3 Responses to “Victoria Schattauer is Cheerleader Coach”

  1. 1
    Judell Duhart Says:

    srry but u isz da ugliest cheerleader ever!!

  2. 2
    lor Says:

    okay dumbasses, Im a goshen cheerleader. 1 its goshen warriors.
    2. our teams have not been shooting blanks we’re pretty kick ass.
    3. Not all the the cheerleaders party, just the freshmen.
    4. I’m sure just about everyone sneds naked pictures, noone is as good looking as us goshen girls so they don’t get big like this.

  3. 3
    jess Says:

    Hi Lor my name is jess. I was wondering if you could email me some of the Goshen cheerleading cheers to me at my email address. Because I like Goshen a lot. and were thinking about moving in that area and i might try out for the team. but i don’t know yet. I would really apreciate this. Thanks, Jess