Jiyai Shin Is a Korean Professional Golfer

June 27, 2009

Meet Jiyai Shin. She is a Korean professional golfer who has broken all existing KLPGA records! Read Jiyia Shin’s biography after the jump with video.

Korean professional golfer Jiyia Shinis has won the Wegmans LPGA. Learn more about Jiyai Shin after the jump.

“On the front nine, I lost my confidence,” Shin said. “I tried eating. Eat some bread on No. 10 and then I made birdie.”

Jiyai Shin Biography

As a biography Jiyai Shin is a professional Korean golfer who was born April 28, 1988. Shin is a graduate from Yonsei University and the only amateur, during her high school career, to win a KLPGA event.

In 2005 Jiyai Shin went pro and within two years hit her stride as a competitor in nineteen events. Shin won ten of the competitions. She attended the LPGA Tour for the first time and competed in the U.S. Women’s Open.

In 2008 Shin went on to play in the Women’s World Cup of Golf, the Women’s Australian Open where she placed second and the Women’s British Open in Berkshire, England coming in first. Recently she won the limited field HSBC Women’s Champions.

More photos and a video of Jiyai Shin are below.

Jiyai Shin Video
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