Serena Williams: TV Script Writer

June 25, 2009

Serena Williams TV Script Writer? The tennis star is in the process of writing a TV script, with three parts already written. Read the rest of the story plus photos and video of Serena below.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams – Television Script Writer

Speaking at a press conference after beating Australia’s Jarmila Groth at Wimbledon on Wednesday, Serena Williams talked about how she is an avid TV watcher, so much so that she is in the midst of writing a TV script.

She calls Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Sex and the City and Family Guy as some of her favorite shows.

She would love to see her name rolling through the credits on a future TV show and said:

“You’ll be excited to know I wrote three parts already. I was going to do it (Tuesday), but I started watching Dexter and I got a little sidetracked. You know what, today’s a good day. I can write. For me it’s really about being in the mood, and how I’m feeling.”

Her sister Venus is the one who got her started, when she gave her a book on how to write scripts and Serena is said to be focusing on television. Her agent offered up some advice as well, telling her to “write down your ideas”.

“I’ve always been a writer, like a storyteller writer, not exactly a scriptwriter. That’s what I was told to do, just write my story, just the first episode to get them an idea.”

See photos and video of Serena Williams below.

Serena Williams Serena WilliamsSerena Williams Serena Williams Serena Williams
Serena Williams Photos
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Serena Williams TV Commercial – Video

Photos: Wright/Dimitri Halkidis/HRC

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