Morgan Leigh Norman: Greg Norman’s Daughter

June 21, 2009

Meet Morgan Leigh Norman, the beautiful daughter of golf legend Greg Norman. See photos, video and read a biography of Morgan Leigh Norman here.

Morgan Leigh Norman father Greg  1

Morgan Leigh Norman’s father, Greg Norman

Morgan Leigh Norman, the daughter of Greg Norman, is the subject of searches today, as the blonde beauty is reportedly the reason why Sergio Garcia’s golf game hasn’t been up to par the past several months.

Morgan Leigh reportedly broke up with Sergio last March, and Sergio blames the break up somewhat on his lack of game on the course. It was reportedly Morgan’s decision to part and Garcia spoke about it briefly:

“Myself, when I am not feeling happy on a golf course and not up for it, that is the way it is. You can’t do anything about it. I can’t do well. Obviously the break-up with Morgan didn’t help. You get over some things. Others take a little longer. It was her doing, not mine, and it happened the week of Miami. It is unfortunate, one of those things. Do I still think of her all the time? No. It is pretty much back in the past now.”

He admitted that it was the first time he was really in love. Poor guy!

Morgan Leigh Norman Biography

As a biography, there is not much known about Morgan Leigh Norman. We do know that she is the daughter of golfing great Greg Norman and his ex-wife, Laura. Morgan Leigh has a brother, Gregory. Growing up, she made her home in Hobe Sound, Florida.

You can see more photos of her here and here.

See video of Morgan Leigh Norman’s father, Greg Norman, below.

Morgan Leigh Norman’s father, Greg Norman – Video
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