Shameka Christon Is an American Professional Basketball Player

June 19, 2009

Meet Shameka Christon. She is an American Professional Basketball Player for the New York Liberty. Read Shamika Christon’s biography after the jump with video.

Check out American professional basketball player Shameka Christon. She currently plays for the New York Liberty as a forward, No. 20. Here’s what Shameka had to say about her career in WNBA:

“It reflects all of the hard work and dedication that I endured to reach this pinnacle of my career. I am competitive and extremely passionate about the game. It is an honor to be playing for an elite league with other elite athletes. Moreover, I am getting paid to play the game that I absolutely love and have loved since I first started playing at age 13.”

For more on Shameka Christon read her biography after the jump.

Shameka Christon Biography

As a biography, Shameka Christon is an American professional women’s basketball player who is 27 years of age and hails from Arkansas. Christon, who stands at 6’1″, is a graduate from the University of Arkansas. While there, she was the Southeastern Conference’s Player Of The Year.

Shameka Christon currently plays for the New York Liberty in the WNBA as well as the Elizur Ramla and Raanana Hertzliya, both Israeli teams. You can check out Christon’s player stats here.

Shameka Christon Video
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One Response to “Shameka Christon Is an American Professional Basketball Player”

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    Rick Says:

    Shameka is my favorite WNBA player, she is very talented and although she plays what some try to claim as a male sport she still is feminine on and off the Court. Shameka is a straight female Athlete, which to some may come as a surprise that there is such a thing but there definitely is…