Sharra Ferbrache Files Lawsuit Against Tony Mandarich (Photos)

June 19, 2009

Meet Sharra Ferbrache, the ex-fiance of Green Bay Packers lineman Tony Mandarich. Ferbrache has filed a lawsuit against Mandarich, with the lawsuit claiming that he set up a porn website in her name containing private pictures and video of herself. Read more about Sharra Ferbrache plus photos and video below.

Sharra Ferbrache

Sharra Ferbrache

Sharra Ferbrache was engaged to Tony Mandarich back in 2002. At the time, she was a model and host of a monster truck show. Their relationship came to an end, and according to a lawsuit filed by Ferbrache last week in Arizona, Mandarich had kept “intimate sexual pictures and videos of plaintiff that were to be kept personal and completely and totally private between them.”

Allegedly, Mandarich set up a website in Ferbrache’s name ( containing said photos and video.

The Phoenix New Times did their investigative work and did a “Who Is” review on the website. The website reportedly is owned by someone who has the same address that is listed on Mandarich’s web development business (

The lawsuit also alleges that Mandarich and his wife Charlavan knew “that if a member of the public searched the World Wide Web … that people would be directed to the domain name thereby exposing (her) personal and private videos and pictures.”

In addition to Mandarich and his wife being named in the lawsuit, their web development company, Mandarich Media Group, is also named. Tony and Charlavan also run a photography studio, and you can see video of their work below.

As of 3:30 PM PST, has been taken down.

Photos of Sharra Ferbrache are below.

Sharra Ferbrache Sharra Ferbrache
Sharra Ferbrache Pictures

Mandarich Photography – Video
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