Gail Devers Is a Track And Field Olympian

June 14, 2009

Meet Gail Devers. She is a track and field athlete and a gold and silver medalist. Read Gail Devers’ biography below and see video of the Olympian after the jump.

Gail Devers 1
Gail Devers

Gail Devers is a track and field athlete who has not only conquered her fellow athletes in hurdles, she has also overcome Graves disease. She is a UCLA graduate whose main focus is the 100-meter dash and 100-meter hurdles. Read more on Gail Devers career highlights after the jump and see video.

Gail Devers Biography

As a biography Gail Devers is a professional track and field athlete who was born on November 19, 1966 in Seattle, Washington. Raised in California, Devers is a graduate from Sweetwater High School. Soon after Gail began training in preparation for the 1988 Summer Olympics.

“Since I was a young girl, I’ve always been a runner. In fact, my brother Parenthesis (PD), used to race me and then tease me when I lost. Well one day, I decided I just wasn’t going to lose anymore. So I started practicing – and it paid off. I beat PD the next time we raced, and he never raced me again. From then on, running was all that mattered. I had found my stride.”

Unfortunately Devers didn’t make it past the semi finals and was diagnosed with Graves Disease after a series of migraines and vision loss. After undergoing radiation Devers returned back to training, taking home a silver medal in 1991’s World Championships for the 100 m hurdles. In 1992 Gail competed at the Summer Olympics coming in fifth place at the 100 m hurdles.

Gail Devers went on to attend the 1993 and 1996 World Championship winning the 100 m again. In 2005 she left track and field to give birth to her first child with her husband, returning two years later to compete at the Millrose Games.

More photos and a video of Gail Devers are below.

Gail Devers Video


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