Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo Dating?? (VIDEO!)

June 11, 2009

Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo! The two were seen together last night at swanky LA nightclub MyHouse. Get the details plus photos and video below.

Paris HiltonCristiano Ronaldo

Are Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo Dating?

Paris Hilton, fresh from her split from boyfriend Doug Reinhardt 24 hours before, was spotted at MyHouse last night with none other than Real Madrid hottie Cristiano Ronaldo, who was on vacation in Los Angeles. According to an X17Online source:

“Cristiano and Paris were all over each other swapping spit the entire night!

“His table needed every waitress in the building to bring all the alcohol he was getting through to him. He spent in excess of $20,000 on champagne and drinks. He was having a great time.”

Paris and her sister, Nicky Hilton, started the evening at Nobu, where they seen sitting on the patio. A source at the restaurant said “she wasn’t her usual chipper, chatty self”. Fast forward about an hour later, when the two headed to MyHouse, where Paris spotted Ronaldo and made her way over to his table. According to witnesses, they left separately at 3:00 AM, where they both ended up at Nicky’s West Hollywood digs (TMZ has video, check it out below!). Ronaldo left around 5:00 AM.

What do you think? Are Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo dating now? Leave your comments!

Check out photos and video of the two below.

Cristiano Ronaldo  3 Paris Hilton  2 Cristiano Ronaldo  1 Paris Hilton  3
Paris Hilton Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures

Paris Hilton Cristiano Ronaldo – Video


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16 Responses to “Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo Dating?? (VIDEO!)”

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  1. 1
    lutfullah Says:

    ofcourse they are dating, last summer paris tried him to date with her but he didnt so now he did.

  2. 2
    Susie Says:

    BS, Cristiano doesnt drink so if you couldnt get that right, I doubt anything else in the story is true.

  3. 3
    Brenda Says:

    This entire story isn’t even true. If you’re going to write about Cristiano Ronaldo at least get the facts right. Crsitiano plays for Manchester United, not Real Madrid and he doesn’t even drink.

  4. 4
    misspiggy Says:

    this is very sad indeed. he should be more focus on his career than to waste his time on this particular thing. cmon can do better than HER! Europeans women are far better than any of these american trash… OPEN YOU EYES MAN!

  5. 5
    kristin permatasari Says:

    I don’t think so…
    because I don’t want…

  6. 6
    stanley kimber Says:

    ronaldo and and hilton are not dating they just met as friend for the first time when hilton make her way through to his table

  7. 7
    Brandy Says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo has defenly sex with Paris Hilton.


  8. 8
    Chaandanee Says:

    Wow! Cristiano Ronaldo! WHY? Paris Hilton and real midrid is not for u! Paris is agg! I will not change to real midrid jus for u! I love u! Ur hot and sexy! My family and i are all upset wit u!……… Paris Hilton u dislike soccer so u should not be wit hottest soccer player! People or celebs that love soccer can only date him! Paris Hilton i’m Cristiano Ronaldo’s no.1 FAN! u and ronaldo took my happyness away! I ……… who lives in S.A WILL …:DO SOMETHING! TRUST ME! RONALDO TRUST ME! u even had sex

  9. 9
    moris obi Says:

    cristiano is hot and paris is hot and very famous,maybe for d wrong reasons.maybe cristiano wants to follow david”s footsteps-marry a superstar and make more money from tv and endorsements.good for him.hey,having sex with paris is cool!.

  10. 10
    Jdog Says:

    hahahaha hu was the guy dat said ronaldo dosnt play for real madrid

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