Kendra Wilkinson Pregnant: Hank Baskett or Hugh Hefner Baby?

June 10, 2009

Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant! The fiance of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett is pregnant! I know you’re wondering….is it a Hank Baskett or Hugh Hefner baby? Get more details below, along with photos and video.

Kendra Wilkinson bikini

Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant

The former Girls Next Door star, Kendra Wilkinson, and her fiance, Hank Baskett, have exclusively confirmed to Marc Malkin of E! that they are indeed expecting, with the baby due to arrive in December.

“Hank and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first child together. We are touched by the outpouring of support by our family, friends and fans.”

So there you have it…Hank Baskett is the baby Daddy and Hugh Hefner, you are not (spoken in true Maury Povich style). Heh.

Kendra and Hank, who will say their I Dos at the Playboy Mansion on June 27th, have also scored the E! channel’s second highest rated debut for a series, with an estimated 2.6 million viewers tuning in to see Kendra, the spin off of The Girls Next Door.

They are already thinking of names for the baby:

“My first initial is K and my middle name is Leigh, so we were thinking of Kaleigh,” she said. “And he’s Hank Baskett III, so of course I’m going to have a Hank Baskett IV!”

Kendra even took to announcing the pregnancy on her blog:

hi everyone!!!! so the rumors are true…i am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hank and i were beyond excited when we found out the news and ive been dying to tell all of you but we were waiting for the perfect time to do it. im sorry if you heard it first elsewhere…that’s not how i wanted it to happen, but im so glad its out in the open now.

Congratulations Kendra and Hank! You can see more photos and video of them below.

Kendra Wilkinson bikini Kendra Wilkinson bikini Kendra Wilkinson bikini Kendra Wilkinson bikini Kendra Wilkinson bikini
Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett Pictures

Kendra Wilkinson Pregnant Video


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4 Responses to “Kendra Wilkinson Pregnant: Hank Baskett or Hugh Hefner Baby?”

  1. 1
    Danny Says:

    I’m sorry and I am all for families–but the first days that Kendra Wilkinson was at the condo, that she(Hef)bought–her mom and grandma were asking how she was going to do laundry and cook for herself and shop for food–and she truly could not answer the questions intelligently–and now she is going to bring a child into the world in just six more months—Is the apocalypse upon us !!! WoWWWW !!!

  2. 2
    Judith Says:

    I was totally culeless when I had my child at 16. You live and learn and hire a nanny. Nobody is prepared for children or married life. It just happens and you make the best of it. I wish her and Hank the best of luck. Good for you Kendra.

  3. 3
    Meat's Brother Says:

    “YEA”, You are so right, my “Little Brother”!!!!!! yea for you Meats Brother!

  4. 4
    Sam Says:

    Congratulations Kendra and Hank!you son or Daught is going to look just Like Ya too….Kendra you are the pretty girl….and hank i love the eagle your my favorite player…i love ya The Kendra show is the BEST……well congratulations on being i am pregnant….Good Luckey i kno ya 2 will be good mom and dad…..

    Love Alway,Samantha