Ashley Kapono is Jason Kapono’s Wife

June 9, 2009

Meet Ashley Kapono, the wife of NBA star Jason Kapono. See photos, video and read a biography of Ashley here.

Ashley Kapono

Ashley Kapono

Ashley Kapono is in the news today, as her husband, NBA star Jason Kapono, has been traded from the Toronto Raptors to the Philadelphia 76ers for Reggie Evans. Hmmm, do you think Ashley is happy about the trade?

Ashley Kapono Biography

As a biography, there is scant information on Ashley Kapono (formerly Ashley Cline). She hails from Danville, California. We do know that she married Jason on August 28, 2004. Her father, Tony Cline, Sr., played football at the University of Miami and later played professionally with the Oakland Raiders. Ashley’s brother, Darren Cline, played football at UCLA, which is where both Ashley and Jason attended as well.

Ashley and Jason met in the summer of 2000, at Phil Trani’s Fine Food and Spirits in Long Beach, where the two worked. He had this to say about her back in 2002:

“She’s my one true love,” he said. “She’s great for me. She likes to hang around and watch games; she’ll even go to watch a high school game. Then vice versa, we hang out with her family, go shopping.”

See a pic of Ashley Kapono here and here.

You can see video of Jason Kapono below.

Jason Kapono Video
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