Jana Rawlinson: Australian Hurdler

May 31, 2009

Meet Jana Rawlinson, an Australian hurdler. Read more about this track and field star plus see photos and video of Jana below.

Jana Rawlinson

Jana Rawlinson

Jana Rawlinson is in the news today, as the Australian hurdler is the center of gossip amongst the track and field world for having had a boob job. Speculation rose after Rawlinson appeared at a press conference, and it was quite visible that she did indeed have the breast augmentation done. You can see before and after photos here.

Rawlinson did confirm that she had the surgery to enhance her breast size, and she evidently went under the knife after she split with husband/former manager Chris Rawlinson two months ago. Her manager said:

“I’ve spoken with Jana and she’s embarrassed that something so personal has been made public,” manager James Ward said.

Jana Rawlinson Biography

As a biography, Jana Pittman Rawlinson was born on November 9, 1982 in Sydney, Australia, so her age is 26. She attended Matthew Pearce Primary School and later went on to Mount Saint Benedict College in Sydney. She was the 1999 World Youth champion in the 400m hurdles and won the 200m and 400m hurdles at the National Championship as well.

A knee injury (torn cartilage) right before the 2004 Athens Olympics hampered her quest to win the 400m hurdles event, where she was favored to win. She ended up in 5th place during the final.

She married Chris Rawlinson on March 31, 2006. He had been her coach since 2004. On December 14, 2006, their first child, Conrnelis Levi was born.

Jana won the 400m hurdles event at the Osaka World Championships in 2007. Later that year she was chosen for the 2008 Australian Olympic team. She unfortunately had to back out of the Olympics due to a toe injury. She was widely criticized for doing so.

More photos and video of Jana Rawlinson below.

Jana Rawlinson
Jana Rawlinson Picture

Jana Rawlinson Video

Photos: Eckhard Pecher (Arcimboldo)/Wikipedia

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